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Artificial intelligence

In our projects, we often use artificial intelligence algorithms, in particular with machine learning methods or genetic algorithms . These techniques allow for example to generate the best possible parameters for the proper functioning of our systems. We are able to create and train our own model to address a specific problem. 

We use neural networks to develop algorithms performing real-time person detection .  

Indeed, artificial intelligence is a very interesting solution for mobile robotics, it allows to bring solutions to very complex problems while keeping a reasonable computing time.

Cerveau artificiel
Intelligence Artificielle
Guidage autonome

Autonomous guidance

For the guidance of our machines, we adjust to each project by proposing solutions adapted to the environment where the robot will evolve. The choice of sensors is made in accordance with the customer's needs and requirements. Thus, we regularly use GNSS receivers, Lidar sensors or even 2D imagery . The data is then merged to increase the accuracy and reliability of our guidance.

In addition, we are developing robots capable of autonomously navigating outdoors and indoors , day and night .

For our operating strategies, we use different methods depending on the project such as state machines , SLAM algorithms, obstacle avoidance , potential fields , etc. This allows us to adapt the robot to the different tasks that need to be accomplished.

Guidage Autonome


We mainly carry out our projects using ROS2 . This allows us to develop advanced robotics algorithms and to promote teamwork with third parties such as laboratories or with our customers. We can thus use visualization, configuration or simulation tools.

Indeed, we use the gazebo simulation software, which we use in the feasibility study and design by simulating different sensors (such as Lidar, TOF camera, IMU, GNSS, ...) with a virtual environment that we define ourselves according to the project.

Simulation is very important in our profession, because it allows us to be able to develop and validate software solutions upstream of the project without having to wait for a model to be produced.

Once all the solutions have been tested and validated in simulation, we test them in real life in order to adjust our parameters and to confront ourselves or not with the appearance of additional constraints.

Interrupteur d'arrêt

Operational safety

HKTC is committed to offering robots with maximum safety. Dependability encompasses the following 4 notions: reliability , maintainability , availability and security .

During our projects, we apply operating safety standards to the safety chains of our autonomous robots. Thus, on robots, they comply with the SIL2 level of the standard IEC 61508 and PL d of ISO 13849 .

In order to ensure this, we use ECU technologies and types of electrical diagrams that comply with the directives in force.

Mobile robotics is a very demanding environment and requires a lot of safety, especially to make it autonomous.

Our robots are equipped with safety systems such as external sensor, emergency stops, radio control, etc. As well as safety assistance systems ( camera, lidar, etc.) which complement and reinforce the safety of the robot.

Sécurité de fonctionnement 

Testing and qualification

We are able to carry out prototyping in order to test technical solutions, to qualify and validate them. Prototyping is very important in robotics, as it allows us to validate the choice of sensor sub-assembly and to arrive at a technical solution.

The prototypes of our robots are divided into 2 parts: a first part with the realization of a radio controlled machine then a second part with a totally autonomous prototype.

We have infrastructures that allow us to carry out projects in complete confidentiality and to comply with the requirements of the client. We also have instrumentation equipment to qualify a complete machine in its development environment.

Essais et qualifications 


During our projects, we create communication systems for physical objects (on the Internet or between them), on short (Wi-Fi ) or long-range (GSM cellular networks) wireless networks. This allows data to be continuously sent, received and analyzed in a feedback loop. This makes it possible to use remote machine control applications.

Indeed, it is important when working with an autonomous robot to have access to it at all times and to be able to easily check that it is working properly. 

For this, we use tablets with applications that we develop ourselves and specifically for each problem in order to have remote access to the robots. This allows the user to easily manage the robot's parameters and to have a view of the robot's status. 


System architecture

A robot is a complex system made up of different disciplines: mechanics, power electricity, traction chains, embedded systems, robotic intelligence, etc.

We are able to design and articulate the engineering of a multidisciplinary system and provide technical expertise on each technological block.

The system architecture also makes it possible to respect the qualification and certification processes necessary for the implementation of a system in a complex environment. 

We regularly work on machine electrification as well as the installation of hydraulic systems. 

Architecture Système
Traitement d'image en temps réel

Image processing 

Image processing is a solution widely used in mobile robotics, it makes it possible to isolate information from an environment while ensuring real-time results.

In addition to providing a suitable processing time, the image processing uses reliable and robust mathematical methods which are 2 very important qualities for autonomous robotics.

We are able to work on image processing by implementing our own segmentation algorithms or by using artificial intelligence techniques such as deep learning algorithms with neural networks

Traitement d’image 

Skill transfer 

We are able to support customers during the various project phases, in particular by offering awareness-raising or training in the world of robotics.

The world of robotics being a new and very varied field, it is sometimes difficult to fully understand its challenges . This is why during our projects, we support clients by making them aware of the constraints of our of our profession and by explaining to them the solutions chosen for their projects.

We also offer to train our customers in the use of the robots we design so that they can easily set up their sales and service networks.

Transfert de compétence 
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